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GVM Upgrades

Modern 4WDs have a problem. Not enough payload capacity. Fix that with an engineered GVM upgrade supplied and installed by the professionals at Plympton Tyrepower.

Once you take a modern flat tray 4WD, and fit it out with a bullbar, rock sliders, canopy, winch, fridge, two adults, two kids, spare tyres, fuel, water and more, you’re likely very close, or exceeding your GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass).

With our GVM kits, we can increase your vehicle payload so that your vehicle is not dangerously overloaded with accessories, passengers and gear!

If your GVM kit is installed before registration, Federal approval will be applied and a certification plate will be affixed to your vehicle with the updated load capacities.

Installing a GVM upgrade kit post-registration requires an Approved Inspection Station such as Plympton Tyrepower to sign off on the installation of the kit.

Just remember, a GVM kit does not increase your towing capacity or your Gross Combination Mass (GCM). For a complete explanation, discuss your vehicle setup with the friendly team at Plympton Tyrepower today. We can get you on the road safely and legally.

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